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I hold an Extra Class Amateur Radio License, W5BWC.  Licensed as WN5UPP in 1968 then WB5DJE in 1970, latter obtained present call to honor of my Elmer (Mentor), the late Donald C. McCullough Sr. a WWII Army Signal Corp. veteran.

I worked  successfully in Electronics for 35 years until my retirement from Alcatel USA in 2001, performing in numerous roles from Electronic Technician to Engineering Manager. Activities included product testing, calibrating, designing and manufacturing.

 I was a certified GCA Radar Technician and Technical Instructor during my Viet Nam era USAF tour of duty, received my Electronics Technology diploma from Cleveland Institute of Electronics in 1969 and attended Lamar University School of Electrical Engineering from 1971 to 1974. I hold an FCC General Radiotelephone Operator License with Ship Radar Endorsement (originally issued in 1969 as a First Class Radiotelephone License).  In retirement I continue designing and building electronic projects for personal and Amateur Radio use.

I have been married for over 55 years to KA5AZK who has held her General Class License since 1979 (when you still had to pass a written and code test in front of an FCC examiner). She not only is my best help, but also very busy with her own projects, including HF operation and being involved in the 7290 Traffic Net for over 40 years, currently serving there as Net Manager.



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