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Last Updated:  8-10-2020

Next Meeting isTuesday
at 7:00 PM, August 11, 2020
on 146.90, -600 kHz w/ 107.2 Hz tone.
Club meetings will be held on the air until further notice; watch here for updates.

Officers Nominations and Elections are in process -

See below

Upshur County 2M Repeater

146.90 (-), tone 107.2 Hz

Link to UAARC
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Contact Info:

Jo Ann Keith


2M Contact: Upshur County Repeater

7290 kHz mornings or 1 to 2 PM

Ham Fest are canceled for the foreseeable future!  Those missing them as much as I, need to check out an ARRL sponsored virtual Ham Expo.  This is NOT another Zoom meeting, but a full blown Ham Fest with Vendors, Speakers, Exhibit Hall and more.  It is FREE for the two-day event.  Please check it out at;   

UAARC Officer Nominations


The virus has prevented in-person club meetings and complicated the club formation task.  However, the club now has a name, Constitution and By-Laws. The Club Formation Committee reluctantly agreed to proceed with officer nominations and election.
Please nominate someone for each of the three UAARC Club Offices; President, Vice-president and Secretary/Treasurer.   
To nominate a person for office; first, contact that person asking if he/she is willing to run for that office; second, contact William KG5SVM with your nomination.  William will verify each nominee is running for only one office and add the name to the ballot.


Nominations are now closed.
The Nominees are;
President                     John Keith W5BWC
Vice-president             Kelly Spencer  KD5S
Secretary/Treasurer    Deborah Collier  KI5BHT
                                    Matt McIntosh  W5MSM   
Information Card

Please use this link to fill out and email to us if you are intersted in the club


June 9, 2020
Election Schedule for UAARC Officers.
The 2020 UAARC Officer election schedule is;
    • Nominations will be accepted from June 10 until July 1, 2020.
    • Ballots will be mailed July 7, 2020.
    • Ballots must be received back by August 7, 2020.
    • William KG5SVM will announce election results at the August 11, 2020 club meeting.
Ballots will be mailed with return postage paid, so please vote!


Tommy KG5ZSU upgraded to Extra Class last week.  Not only did he score 90% on the test, but he also faced the tedious and intimidating on-line testing process. Congratulations to Tommy! If you hear him on the air, be sure to congratulate him.


May 12, 2020

The membership approved both the constitution and By-Laws.   89% of the members voted to approve, providing a good margin over the 2/3 or 67% needed.  26 of the 28 members voted and 25 voted to approve.

Congratulations to us all!
The votes are in.  The Club now has a name; Upshur Area Amateur Radio Club.
The tally is shown above and it is impressive that with 28 ballots mailed out, 24 were returned.  The Committee did a good job selecting three names, out of the suggestions submitted, to have such a close vote.  Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen and all those who voted.


Constitution and By-Laws  
The Club’s constitution has been unanimously approved by the Club Formation Committee and is ready to present to the membership for vote.  The By-Laws are still in the Committee where details are being worked out.   
General News:


JUST BREAKING May 2, 2020.  HamCom is Cancled for 2020.


Many Amateur Radio functions are being canceled due to CDC recommendations, one of the most significant ones being Hamvention in Dayton (Xenia, Ohio). 


The 50th consecutive 7290 Traffic Net picnic, planned for May 2, 2020 is moved to October 24, 2020.


VE testing has been suspended at LeTourneau University until further notice as well as LETARC club meetings.  
Notice the club and committee meeting notes have been moved to the Meeting Minutes page.  Use Link to the right of this box to acess that page.


February 11, 2020 Meeting News
Weather was not conducive for attending a club meeting; however, we had a good turnout including two new Hams. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and Jo Ann’s home made oatmeal cookies.  Her cookies pretty much made up for the inclement weather. 
The big news from February’s meeting is the selection of the Club Formation Committee.  The committee is task with producing a club Constitution and By-laws as well as articles of incorporation. The elected members are;
John Keith, W5BWC
Jo Ann Keith, KA5AZK
Matt McIntosh, W5MSM
Kelly Spencer, KD5S
Paul Steelman,  KG5SAV
Jana Spencer NJ5S (Recording Secretary, non-voting).
We had one upgrade - John Hagler KI5GRV to General Class.  Congratulations to John on his upgrade and if you hear him on the air or see him at the meeting be sure to ask about his latest equipment upgrade. 
We also had suggestions for upcoming meeting programs and club name.


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