Well, even after Covid I'm still around and projects are still active - even though parts go obsolete daily.  The Palstar LA-1K 1000W linear amplifier using LDMOS FET is doing well.  My contribution involved the RF deck and other circuitry.  Look for the announcement of Palstar’s new  1000W AMU.  This is an automatic matching unit that operates similar to the LA-1K.  Once the transmitter is keyed, the match is calculated and implemented in a matter of milliseconds. 

Far Circuits

Custom printed Circuit Boards. Also boards for many published projects. Excellent value and good service.
Good source for solder paste (the good 63/37) as well as dispensing and SMT rework  equipment. Excellent service and very helpful.


New under "Articles" tab is an outstanding article


by Jerry Ritdhie, WA5OKO.  Jerry worked in my group at Alcatel and is a fine RF Engineer. 

Renco Electronics

I hope, with this Website, to provide some unique technical information and ideas applicable to electronic technology for accomplished Amateur Radio Operators, Technicians and Engineers.  I see many excellent Websites providing a wide range of introductory and basic tutorial topics. Also the ARRL's QST, QEX and Handbook publications are excellent sources of technical material and projects.

My desire is to complement these sources and not just duplicate material they have already presented well. Therefore topics addressed here are inherently limited and one might even observe focused on my own personal projects and studies, but perhaps a few technical practitioners will find some usefulness herein.  I offer the technical content of this Website FREE of cost or obligation for personal, non-commercial use, with the user's acceptance of any and all liability. 

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