AP-10A-1 Portable Power Unit

A desk top power unit designed to operate a 100 Watt HF ARS (Amateur Radio Station) from its’ internal 12 Volt battery. The self contained AGM (absorbed glass mat) VRLA (valve regulated lead acid) battery can power such a station for many hours, transmitting at full power, even though it is only a U1 case style (35 Amp-hour). 

Overall dimensions of 8.6”W x 6”H x 10”D and weight of 30 pounds make the AP-10A-1 ideal for desk top and portable use. Capable of regulating the output buss voltage to 13.25 VDC, for up to 30 Amps*, trouble free operation is ensured for voltage sensitive loads as the entire capacity of the battery is consumed.


* Subject to duty cycle limitation.

The Block Diagram shows the basic functional operation of the AP-10A-1. The unit consists of five assemblies; PS-16A-1 Charger, PS-17A-1 DCDC SMPS, MC-15A-1 Battery Disconnect, PD-10A-1 Power Distribution and PM-15A-1 Panel Meter. 

The use of individual assemblies effectively utilizes the space around the battery and allows other applications to make custom use of them, for example assembling a power panel or system for larger portable or mobile applications.

PS-17A-1 DC/DC SMPS Boost Regulator

PS-16A-1 Charge Controller

PD-10A-1 Power Distribution Assembly

MC-15A-1 Battery Disconnect Assembly

PM-15A-1 Volt-Amp Panel Meter

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Individual Assemblies are detailed in the following descriptions.

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